Welcome to Blueberry Kitten Soaps!!
Welcome to Blueberry Kitten Soaps!!
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New Products Coming Soon!

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Howdy Y’all

We have several new products in the works to be released onto our shop and market tables soon.

The biggest one is the addition of beard products, the first two being beard balm and beard oil. These will be available in 3 scents, and we will have an unscented option available. We also plan to add companion products to our existing products; we are developing a lip scrub to go with our lip balms and conditioner to pair with our shampoo bars.

Starting in August, we have a full docket of markets and products we will have out in testing as well, as we are expanding our product lineup to include items containing buttermilk and honey.

Stay tuned, and thank you all who shop with us. Without you, we would still be a small dream.


As always, stay bubbly.


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